Marguerite RP Shuttle Delays

July 24, 2017 • Transportation

Anticipate delays Aug 7 - Sep 21

Marguerite shuttles may be delayed due to repaving of University Circle at the Palo Alto Transit Center. Work is set to begin on August 7 and is scheduled to be completed on September 21, 2017.

During construction, the Marguerite RP shuttle buses will continue to pick-up and drop-off at the current stop location at the Palo Alto Transit Center [Map, PDF]. However, Marguerite passengers can expect delays for both arrivals to and departures from the station due to the construction detour.

Detours will require Marguerite buses to travel below the Caltrain overpass on University Avenue to Alma Street and loop around to enter or exit the bus depot from the direction of downtown Palo Alto. In addition to longer travel times, traffic may cause further delays.

Please plan accordingly and consider the following to reduce the likelihood of being late:

  • Take an earlier train and/or Marguerite shuttle in the morning.
  • Catch an earlier Marguerite or later train in the afternoon.
  • Use the California Ave Caltrain station and the connecting VTA #89 bus or the new Foothill Express shuttle. 
  • Bicycle to/from Caltrain if it is an option for you. 

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Construction in phases

The City of Palo Alto’s University Circle project will repave the access roads to the Palo Alto Caltrain station. The project is necessary to repair the significant roadway damage that has occurred in part due to heavy winter rains.

The work will occur in three phases, each lasting approximately two weeks. Different parts of University Circle will be closed during different phases of construction, requiring Marguerite buses to be rerouted in order to enter/exit University Circle.

  • Phase I: The section of University Circle adjacent to the southbound Caltrain platform will be closed. [map]
  • Phase II: The northern section of University Circle (adjacent to MacArthur Park) will be closed. During this phase, the normal exit from University Circle to University Avenue will be closed. [map]
  • Phase III: The southern section of University Circle will be closed [map]

Foothill Express Caltrain Shuttle

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