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Amy McCrary - Bicyclist Profile

by SRP on January 25, 2021

Amy from a ride to Central Park in San Mateo

Name: Amy McCrary

Employer: Stanford University

Position: Sustainable Transportation Manager for Stanford Research Park

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

What kind of riding do you do? During the pandemic, it’s been riding for exercise, leisure and residential community trips to shop, etc.

What kind of bike do you have and why do you like it? It’s a Trek hybrid – a few years old and no complaints so far. Affordable and practical for most any roadway or maintained unpaved trail surface, and good for leisure and cross-town rides. Just what I needed!

How did you wind up working in the transportation field? In my hometown of Atlanta, I transitioned from a career in sales and marketing to a somewhat similar role in the transportation field – selling employers on adopting commuter support programs at their companies and marketing programs and sustainable commute modes to employees/commuters. More than a decade later, the commuter transportation field remains a rewarding one to contribute to.

What do you love about your current job managing commute programs at SRP? I love helping people take actions that benefit our environment (carbon emissions reduction) and themselves (overall health and happiness, money savings, etc.). Taking action to reduce or eliminate drive alone trips tends to result in both!

Describe your favorite Bay Area bike rides. My favorite most recent rides have been around San Mateo - through Hillsborough, Burlingame, and downtown San Mateo. Particularly nice are the wide, low traffic, well-maintained residential streets of Hillsborough, including a route heading out to Crystal Springs Reservoir (designated bike route), flanked by beautiful homes, old growth trees, a creek, and a nice variety of hills and flat terrain.

Amy on a bike ride in Hillsborough

Why do you bike? It’s great exercise, fun and exhilarating, gives me a connection to my environment, and gets me places with zero emissions. Win, win, win, win!

What are you most excited about in 2021? Anticipation of “The Hub” opening in Stanford Research Park, which will have plenty of amenities for bicyclists, as well as other types of commuters to Stanford Research Park. Stay tuned!


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