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Jim Tarver - Bike Commuter Profile

by SRP on August 24, 2018


Jim and his son

Name: Jim Tarver

Employer: SAP Labs, LLC.

Job Position:Development Architect

Hometown: Lake Charles, Louisiana

Where do you commute from? Fremont

You bike from the East Bay? Isn’t the Dumbarton Bridge scary? That it is one of the safest parts of my commute; the physical barrier prevents inattentive drivers from meandering over into the bike lane.

How many years have you been commuting by bike commute and how often? About 10 years, usually 2-3 times per week

Why do you bike? Cycling makes me happy, whereas taking more than an hour to drive 20 miles (which is typical) is very depressing.

When did you start biking? I have been biking since I was a kid, but I didn’t become a serious cyclist until I started running triathlons a little more than 10 years ago. At that point I still didn’t think biking to work was viable (biking 20 miles takes a while), but when I added together the time it took to drive in to work with the time I spent on the stationary bike once I got to work, it proved to be greater than the time it took to simply bike in. I’ve been biking in (more or less) ever since. One bonus for me is that the Dumbarton Express starts right in front of SAP, so I can take the DB home if I am feeling too tired to bike back to Fremont. That doesn’t happen very often any more, but having that as an option then made it easier for me to begin bike commuting.

What other kind of cycling do you do? I like to ride around Marin and Sonoma on weekends.

What do you wish drivers knew? That "Share the Road" implies that the bicyclist has full use of the lane.

What would you say to new cyclists or those interested in giving it a try? Use both a headlight and a taillight; the most dangerous drivers on the road are not the aggressive *#$%^s. Rather, they are the inattentive ones focusing on their cell phones. The headlight/taillight combo gets drivers' attentions (especially when they are flashing brightly). I’ll also mention that while we do have our share of jerks here in the Bay Area, the drivers here seem to be more accommodating of cyclists than drivers in other parts of the country.

Are you willing to help new cyclists in any way? I would love to bike newbies [sic] to work, and would also be happy to help with simple fixes (e.g. flat fixing).

What’s something unrelated to biking that most people don’t know about you? I enjoy solving puzzles!


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