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Success Story: HP Labs

by SRP on February 13, 2023
A Pre-eminent Industrial Research Laboratory

Founded in 1966, HP Labs’ headquarters in Palo Alto is their largest site, located just a few miles from the famous HP Garage that is known as the birthplace of Silicon Valley. With a majority of HP Labs researchers located on site, their research spans much of their research agenda. The two labs at this location are the 3D Lab and the Microfluidics & Systems Technology Lab.

The 3D Lab

By applying fundamental science to 3D printing technology, they are innovating in previously unimagined areas, from next-generation digital manufacturing with voxel-level control and performance, to new 3D printed functionalities like electronics. HP Labs has helped advance each of HP’s pioneering print and imaging technologies - inkjet, LaserJet, Indigo, Latex Inks/Large format, Piezo print, and now 3D.

Today, their lab works on end-to-end 3D print system design, materials performance engineering, software and imaging systems, and cyber-physical process control to provide integrated solutions that will unleash manufacturing creativity and revolutionize how people design, create, make, and use material objects. Their team leverages HP’s advanced 3D printing technology platforms (Multi Jet Fusion and Metal Jet) and continue pushing the boundaries of what can be printed and what industries we can reinvent as a result.

The Microfluidics & Systems Technology Lab

The innovative team in this lab invents microfluidic and imaging technologies for markets beyond office and home print, such as flexible packaging, life sciences, and sensing.

The lab is known for foundational inventions in inkjet, LaserJet, Liquid Electrophotography (Indigo). Within the lab, they can build almost anything. They have capability and skills ranging from biology to NEM/MEM fabrication with a multidisciplinary team of mechanical engineers, to physicists, to chemists to imaging expertise leveraging over 35 years of printing and microfluidic expertise.

Distinguished Researchers

Their researchers have received some of the highest honors in science and engineering, including the Silicon Valley Engineering Hall of Fame. The team includes HP Senior Fellows and HP Fellows, IEEE Fellow, as well as fellows of the Society for Imaging Science and Technology among many other professional societies.


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