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Success Story: Rivian

by SRP on October 5, 2023
Adventurous Thinkers

Rivian’s campus in Stanford Research Park in Palo Alto is where they develop much of their software stack and vehicle electronics. Many of their technology teams are based here, including their core software platforms, vehicle controls, cloud connectivity, autonomy and in-vehicle UI/UX. There are also digital teams that enable commerce, fleet management, service and charging as well as product and design teams that cover their consumer and vehicle journey.

Founded in 2009, Rivian develops and manufactures electric vehicles for the consumer and commercial markets, charging infrastructure and energy technology. Rivian’s IPO was the largest worldwide in 2021 and the 12th largest in history. Rivian’s first consumer product, the R1T, was named MotorTrend’s Truck of the Year for 2022. Rivian is currently fulfilling Amazon's order for 100,000 electric delivery vans — one of the largest single orders for commercial EVs ever placed.

Building for a Future that Includes Everyone

Rivian’s story is about people coming together with one mission in mind: to protect our planet and the cultures that inhabit it for generations to come. Through their hiring, onboarding, development and rewards, they’re committed to building an inclusive workplace where ideas and innovation flourish and where all individuals feel a true sense of belonging. Breaking up homogeneity by working with people who are different challenges entrenched ways of thinking and encourages greater scrutiny of actions and decisions.

Forever Starts Now

To extend Rivian’s impact, company founder and CEO RJ Scaringe led the establishment of Forever. Its philanthropic mission is dedicated to addressing our planet’s climate crisis and preserving the critical biodiversity needed for our planet’s long-term survival. At its IPO, Rivian made nature a stakeholder in its success when the company contributed 1% of Rivian's pre-IPO equity into Forever.

This is where Rivian’s potential lies — in creating solutions that shift consumer mindsets and inspire other companies to fundamentally change the way they operate.


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