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Track Your Bike Rides on with Strava

by SRP on March 23, 2019

Link Strava to your account and automatically earn points for rewards whenever you bike commute

You probably already know that each time you manually log your bike commutes using, you earn reward points for gift cards of your choice, or donations to non-profits. But did you know you can automate the process? Link your Strava account to your SRPGO account to make bike commute trip logging automatic and seamless!

If you already use Strava to track your commutes, linking accounts is a no-brainer. You can automatically import Strava data into the SRPGO platform - and it’s easy! Here’s how:

  1. Download Commute Tracker at iOS or Android
  2. Register on app using the same email you use on the web platform
  3. Enter code (sent via email) on your mobile app to connect the app to your account on the SRPGO web platform
  4. Login at
  5. Click on your account name and select “edit profile”
  6. Select “connected apps” and select Strava
  7. You’ll be directed to a Strava login page and asked to approve the connection to SRPGO

At this point the commute trips you log on Strava will automatically track in and earn reward points. Questions? Issues? Email us at


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