Bike Fleet at
The Hub

E-bikes are available for employees of SRP tenant companies to check out and use Monday through Friday, between 9am and 5pm.


Stanford Research Park is pleased to offer the SRP Bike Fleet at The Hub at 3215 Porter Drive.

Six electric bicycles are available for employees of SRP tenant companies to use between the hours of 9am and 5pm, Monday through Friday. Bicycles may be used for personal and work-related trips within Stanford Research Park, to the main Stanford University campus, and other local destinations.

Bicycles are only available for round-trip use and must be checked-out and returned to Mike's Bikes at The Hub (3215 Porter Drive) no later than 5:00pm on the same day as check-out.

Please contact with questions about the Bike Fleet, or call Mike's Bikes at (650) 300-6080 for immediate assistance.


Reserve a bike in advance by using the SRP Hub app. Search for the SRP Hub app in the App Store or Google Play Store. Sign up with your work email address (required).

Bicycles can be booked for a minimum of 1 hour, between the hours of 9am - 5pm, Monday - Friday.

Reservations may be made up to 30 days in advance. Bikes may be available for immediate use and on a walk-in basis when not already reserved by other users.

Please cancel any reservation you don't need in order to make the bike available for another user. If you do not pick-up a bike within 30 minutes of the start time of your reservation, the bike may be issued to another user and a bike may not be available for your use.


Check-in at the service counter inside Mike's Bikes at 3215 Porter Drive. Show your photo employee ID badge to confirm your identity and SRP affiliation.

All users must sign the Stanford University Waiver in the SRP Hub app prior to the first use of an SRP Bike, which can be found on the app's home page under What's Happening at SRP.

One-Time Orientation

Allow ten minutes prior to your first use of an SRP Bike to participate in a required orientation consisting of:

  1. Helmet adjustment. Helmet use is required when riding SRP Bikes. You may bring your own helmet.
  2. Seat height adjustment
  3. Lock instructions
  4. Pannier instruction
  5. Roadside assistance guidance
  6. Bike operations overview. Motor system (assist levels), shifting, lights, bell.
  7. Test ride in the parking lot


The SRP Bikes are Gazelle brand electric-assist bikes with built-in lights and a locking mechanism. A helmet, pannier, and additional lock are provided at check-out.


Please follow National Safety Council safe riding tips:

✔ Ride in a straight line, single file.

✔ Go with the traffic flow. Ride on the right, in the same direction as cars.

✔ Obey all traffic signs and signals.

✔ Ride with both hands on the handlebars except when signaling a turn or stop.

✔ Stop and look left-right-left for traffic before entering a street.

✔ Stay alert. Look for things that could make you fall, like potholes, cracks, pebbles, or wet leaves.

✔ Stay alert. Listen for traffic. Don’t wear earphones while riding.

✔ Watch for parked cars and cars pulling out or into parking spaces or driveways.

✔ Don’t forget your bicycle helmet. Wear it flat on your head and buckled!


Please provide feedback on the SRP Bike Fleet anytime to