2017 Commute Survey Results

October 25, 2017 • Transportation

Thank you to the nearly 6000 individuals who participated in the 2017 Stanford Research Park Commute Survey. Your input helps Stanford develop valuable and effective services for commuters to Stanford Research Park.

The survey revealed an impressive 5 percentage point decline in solo driving from 2016 to 2017 due to increases in carpooling, riding transit and telecommuting as shown below: 


Additional survey highlights include:

  • The factors that most influence mode choice among SRP commuters were time (60%), flexibility (51%) and convenience (51%). 
  • Approximately 44% of transit riders took Caltrain to SRP, while 38% used VTA buses. 
  • For the last-mile connection between Caltrain stations and SRP work sites, approximately 37% of Caltrain users took Marguerite, 19% percent walked, 17% rode VTA buses, 13% per biked and 13% rode employer shuttles. 
  • Approximately 43% of solo drivers were willing to carpool, while 33% would consider using the bus, and 30% were willing to take trains. 
  • Among solo drivers who live within five miles of SRP, 63% were willing to bike and 15% were willing to walk. 
  • Only seven percent of commuters who drive alone were not willing to use any other modes.

While many commuters were familiar with or have already used the Marguerite shuttle, Scoop carpools, Zipcars, and Guaranteed Ride program, a greater number of survey respondents (over 2,300) expressed interest in getting more information on the SRP programs to broaden their commute choices. 

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