Earn Rewards for Scoop Carpool Trips

August 27, 2017 • Transportation

Did you know you can automatically track Scoop carpool trips at SRPGO.com for prizes and rewards? 

Follow these quick and easy steps:

  • Register at SRPGO.com
  • Click on your account name and select “edit profile”
  • Select “connected apps” and select Scoop
  • You’ll be directed to a Scoop login page and asked to approve the connection to SRPGO

After you complete these steps, any trips you take on Scoop will automatically track in SRPGO.com and count for prize drawing entries and the SRPGO points reward program. You can even redeem your points for Scoop credits!


"SRP actually subsidizes using Scoop, so I get $5-$7 for every person that rides in my car. It’s extra money that I can use for fun stuff because I wouldn’t have that money anyways. That’s my fun fund!"


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