You Deserve to be Rewarded!

July 24, 2017 • Transportation

Do you work in Stanford Research Park and ride transit, carpool, vanpool, bicycle, or walk to work? If so, you can earn points to redeem for Scoop carpool app credit or choose from a wide array of retail gift cards. If you're feeling generous, you also have the option to use your points to make a charitable donation. The more sustainable commute trips you make, the more points you'll earn!

Just go to SRPGO Incentives and select Point Programs from the upper menu to view the reward program.

Log your trips on the dashboard calendar at by the end of each month or use the “Commute Tracker by RideAmigos” app available for iOS and Android. After downloading:

  • Register on the app using the same email you use on the SRPGO web platform
  • Enter code (sent via email) on your mobile app to connect the app to your account on the SRPGO web platform
  • The app will then prompt you to log your commute trips

Thank you for helping reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality!

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