Stanford Research Park Bike Stuff: An Explainer

December 27, 2018 • Transportation

The Stanford Research Park bike program has a lot to celebrate right now. In December, the League of American bicyclists bestowed its highest honor—a Platinum level Bicycle Friendly Business designation—on our little hamlet. We were honestly surprised and honored since we’d never applied as a Bike Friendly Business before!

We’re also celebrating two solid years of bike events, new programs, incentives, and general cultivation of a bike culture here at SRP. And we have plans to keep it going in 2019. But, we realize you still may be wondering who we, what we do, and how you can get involved with or take advantage of all the good bike stuff at the Research Park. Look no further.

Who are we?


Jamie Jarvis

Jamie is the Programs Director for Stanford Research Park. She oversees the Programs and Transportation teams, which offer learning and community engagement programs and commuter transportation options to the Research Park.


Amy McCrary

Amy is Sustainable Transportation Manager, and works on all things transportation-related in SRP. Before joining the team, she was the Transportation Manager at nearby VMware, and has provided Transportation Demand Management services for hundreds of companies across the U.S.


Anna Walters

Anna works for our partner Bikes Make Life Better on any and everything bike at the Research Park. Please wave next time you see her biking the Mobile Concierge, our cargo bike & pop up trailer.

Stanford Research Park Bicycle Champions

Our bicycle champions are a group of roughly 60 bike enthusiasts from all across the Research Park. We meet every quarter to talk (bike) shop. The champions are our collaborators, our sounding boards for new ideas, and our window into the bike culture at their work sites. One of our champs completed a electric bike tour across the county. Another champ encouraged a friend to start riding to work, and the pair started riding regularly. We welcome enthusiastic bike commuters to the group! Email to learn more or sign up.

What do we do?


Free Mini Tune-Up Event

Bike events

We run bike events from March through October, and each one is posted on Our most frequent events are:

  • Free bike repairs: Velofix, our vendor partner, offers free mini tune ups as well as paid repairs one to two times a month at various employers.
  • Fix-a-flat classes: These are hand-on clinics, 30 minutes long, covering minor bike maintenance topics, like how to fix a flat or adjust brakes.
  • Safe commute classes run by the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition: These are held either classroom-style, usually once or twice a year. The aim is to teach bike commuters how to ride safely and confidently.

Bike programs

  • Mobile Concierge: This little number debuted spring two years ago, and has been jetting around the research park ever since. It’s a pop up bike info station, set on a trailer, that is towed by an electric cargo bicycle. The MC, as we have taken to calling it, goes to commuter and wellness events all over the research park. You’ll also find it parked at special events, like the annual Rider Appreciation Lunch at the food trucks. Or zipping around during May’s Bike to Work Day. If you see it, remember to wave.
  • Bike routes: If you are trying to find a good bike route to work, we have some resources you may want to check out. First is our in-house bike map—these are "bunny slope" routes sourced by actual SRP employees who ride every day. Additionally you may find our routing blog post helpful.
  • Bike infrastructure: Bikes Make Life Better is available to help any SRP employer interested in installing or upgrading its bike rooms, racks, or facilities. We can select the right racks for the space; order and install them; and consider all the details—like lockers, helmet trees, cubbies, etc. All in all, we want to help create a positive "biker experience" as employees shift from riding to working.
  • 1:1 bike support: Do you need help choosing a bike to buy? Having trouble finding a low-traffic route? Looking for friends to share the ride? Whatever the question, we’re here to help! Email Anna at with any and all of your bike issues, questions or problems.
  • Ride tracking & prizes: Register at to be eligible for the Guaranteed Ride Program, prize drawings and rewards, special events, and more. It’s our way of saying “thank you!” for helping to reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality.

What can you do?

Well the short and simple answer is: ride a bike! If you already ride regularly to work, encourage a friend or colleague to join you. If you'd like to help shape bike programming and culture, consider joining the Bicycle Champions group. And if you have any questions, feedback, or ideas, feel free to email us anytime at Thanks for riding!

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