Rares Vernica: Bike Commuter Profile

July 29, 2019 • Transportation

Name: Rares Vernica

Employer: HP, Inc.

Job Position: Senior Research Scientist

Where did you grow up? Brasov, Romania - this is in Transylvania :-)

Where do you commute from? Mountain View

How many years have you been commuting by bike? How often do you ride? Eight years, daily

Why do you bike? It takes almost the same time as driving; I get to exercise, I relax, and I'm free from the stress of driving.

What other kind of cycling do you do? On weekends I occasionally bike around the Bay Area as a means of transportation.

What you wish drivers knew? Bikes have equal rights as cars on the road. Bikes can take the full lane. Bikes have priority on the bike lane. Don't force bikers to ride in the road gutter.

What would you say to new cyclists or wannabes? Live within a reasonable biking distance from work. Figure out your work logistics (shower, bike parking, work clothes, etc.).

Use SRPGO's Guaranteed Ride as a ride back-up. Think of it as a way to relax to and from work. Your commute becomes your workout. The more bikers on the road, the safer the roads will be. Enjoy your no-traffic commute!

Are you willing to help new cyclists in any way? I'd be happy to help with advice and share my experience.

Any other unique skills you’d like to share? I have a pilot license and I enjoy flying small airplanes.

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