Spotlight: SRPGO Vanpool Success at Rubrik

March 05, 2019 • Transportation

“We try to take advantage of every single program and push our folks to expand their participation in the programs” — Brian Gyorkos, Global Safety and Security at Rubrik

In spring 2018, Brian Gyorkos stepped up to the plate to increase and improve commuter transportation options at Rubrik. Employees were largely unaware of SRPGO programs and services at the time.

Fast-forward a few months, and Rubrik went from 0 to 31 participants in SRPGO vanpools. As of now, a total of 5 vans provide service to Rubrik employees, and their aim is to increase to at least 8 more. Shifting employees from driving alone to SRPGO vans has allowed Rubrik to free-up parking spaces and capture a sizeable cost savings.

What's the secret to their success? For starters, Rubrik covers the cost of the $100 monthly vanpool rider fare that SRPGO offers to every Stanford Research Park commuter. Vanpools work best for commute distances of at least 15-20 miles, and compared to other transportation modes that companies can invest in, they’re very affordable. Brian also describes his team’s approach: “We try to take advantage of every single program and push our folks to expand their participation in the programs.”

Not only are Rubrik employees saving with a free ride to work, Brian notes that participation in "smart commute modes" like vanpooling contributes to work-life balance at Rubrik: “Employees have the ability to take their kids to school or join the family for dinner.”

SRPGO vanpools are open to anyone working within Stanford Research Park, and some van fares are less than $100/month. The Great America ACE train station vans serve as free “last-mile shuttles” for ACE train riders who register to ride. For all other vans, the first 2 approved drivers get to participate for free. Early start shift workers (arriving before 7:00am) can take advantage of select "early bird" vanpools for just $50 per month.

Learn more about the SRPGO vanpool program. Contact us at with questions or to get started riding!

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