Waze Carpool pilot launch

January 31, 2020 • Transportation

Stanford Research Park Transportation (SRPGO) recently launched a new pilot program with Waze Carpool to provide you another option for carpool matching at discounted rates. New Waze Carpool app users who commute to and/or from SRP, join the SRP Carpool Group, and complete 1 carpool trip with the app will receive a $20 bonus in-app.

Under the program, riders with the app will receive built-in discounts. Bonuses will be provided to some drivers at times (depending on commute distance/route to keep the rider : driver ratio balanced). To see exact trip pricing, review your carpool matches in-app.

Getting started:

1. Join the SRP Carpool Group

2. Decide whether you'd prefer to drive, ride, or both - and you'll be directed to the right place

3. Register in the app using your personal Google or Facebook account, and be sure to verify your work email address when prompted to ensure promotional pricing

4. Enter your commute route and schedule

5. Review your matches and check pricing

6. Send ride offers/requests

If you have any technical questions, connect with the Help Center in-app. Go to Settings (gear icon), tap Help, and then tap Help Center.
For non-technical questions, contact SRPGO@Stanford.edu.

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