Stanford Research Park Bike Programming: An Explainer

January 17, 2023 • Transportation

The Stanford Research Park bicycle program celebrates and supports YOU -- our SRP employers and commuters! Whether you're an experienced bike commuter, just starting to think about commuting on two wheels, or an employer looking to boost bike programming at your work site, we're here for you. We provide 1:1 guidance and expertise on just about anything bike-related. Our program is nationally recognized by the League of American Bicyclists as a Platinum level Bicycle Friendly Business—the highest honor LAB bestows.

Who are we?


Jamie Jarvis

Jamie is the Executive Director for Stanford Research Park. She oversees the Transportation and SRP Connects teams, which respectively provide commuter transportation programming and learning and community engagement programs to the Stanford Research Park community at work.


Amy McCrary

Amy is Assistant Director, Sustainable Transportation Programs, and works on all things transportation-related in Stanford Research Park. Before joining the team, she was the Transportation Manager at nearby VMware, and has provided Transportation Demand Management services for hundreds of organizations across the U.S.

Stanford Research Park Bicycle Champions

Our Bicycle Champions are enthusiasts from all across the Research Park. Champions are our collaborators, our sounding boards for new ideas, and our window into the bike culture at their work sites. One of our Champs completed an electric bike tour across the county. Another Champ encouraged a friend to start biking to work, and the pair started riding regularly. We welcome enthusiastic bike commuters to join the group! Email to learn more.

What do we do?

We hold bike events during peak biking season - March through October. Events include: bike workshops on topics like e-bikes, safe cycling and bike mechanics. To celebrate Bike Month in May, including Bike to Work Day, we also offer several special events and promotions for bicyclists.

We also provide the following bike programming:

  • 1:1 bike support: Do you need help choosing a bike to buy? Having trouble finding a low-traffic route? Interested in finding a buddy join you for the ride? Whatever you're seeking, we’re here to help! Email with any bike questions or concerns.
  • Bike routes: Trying to find a good bike route to work? We've got you covered. Check-out our SRP bike map, a "bunny slope" of bike routes sourced by actual SRP employees who have much experience riding throughout the Research Park. Another helpful resource: our routing blog post.
  • Rewards and support: When you Register at (see top right "Register" button), you can start earning gift card or charitable donation rewards for tracking your bike commute trips. You'll also become eligible for the Guaranteed Ride Home program, a "safety net" that can give you (and your bike) a free rescue ride in the event of a workday emergency situation.

What can you do?

The short, simple answer is: ride a bike! But if you need any assistance getting to that point, contact us at: If you already ride for fun, are you ready to explore biking to the office? We're here to help you feel confident, prepared, and ready to try it! Already bike commuting? Encourage a neighbor or colleague to join you. If you'd like to help shape bike programming and culture, consider joining our Bicycle Champions group. Feel free to email us anytime at with any general questions or comments on bike commuting. Thanks for reading—and riding!

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