Zipcar Membership

Zipcar carshare service gets you wheels when you want them. Perhaps you've biked to the office, carpooled with someone, or used transit. With a Zipcar membership, you can dash to an off-site meeting or run errands even if you don’t have a personal vehicle on-site.

When you become a Zipcar member, you can start accessing a range of vehicle types and sizes - whatever suits your needs. Zipcars are found all over the Bay Area - and beyond - so your membership goes far.

Wheels On Demand

FREE 1-year Zipcar membership codes are available to the SRP workforce. Rent cars by the hour with gas and insurance included. Hourly weekday rates in SRP currently range from $9.50 – $11.00

In Stanford Research Park, Zipcars are located at:

  • The Hub at Stanford Research Park (3215 Porter Dr.)
  • Email our SRPGO transportation team to request a free 1-year membership.

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