Love your commute when you and a group of other commuters lease a van with Commute with Enterprise.

Commute With Enterprise

Vanpooling can be a good alternative to driving alone if you live at least 20 miles from your office, and have a relatively fixed workday schedule. Vanpool participants usually take turns driving among themselves — a great way to reduce the stress of daily solo driving and reduce the wear and tear to personal vehicles. Vanpool participants agree to a common meeting location and determine arrival and departure times.

Benefits of vanpool commuting include:

  • Wi-Fi on-board and USB chargers

  • Less wear/tear and maintenance costs on your own vehicle

  • Reduction - or elimination - of the days you drive to the office

  • Peace of mind: insurance, maintenance and roadside assistance


How it Works

The Commute with Enterprise program provides insurance, maintenance and roadside assistance. Vanpool participants are also covered by the Stanford Research Park Guaranteed Ride Home Program, which will reimburse your Uber or Lyft ride if unexpected circumstances arise to disrupt or prevent your vanpool trip.


I’ve learned all kinds of things through either vanpooling or carpooling. If I have a question about what cell phone plan to use or an investment, I just run it by the carpool! You get to learn something, you get advice, and you really get to know someone’s life amazingly well while you’re sharing a ride. If you like to learn and share things, it’s the best way to save money, save the environment, and reduce the stress of your commute.


Vanpool Subsidy

SRPGO provides a vanpool subsidy up to $100/month for vanpool participants. Contact for more information on this program or to ask any of your vanpool questions by filling out the info request form below: