Design Review

Encouraging the long-lasting appeal of Stanford Research Park

What is Design Review?

What to know before submitting a Design Review application

Alterations to buildings or sites in Stanford Research Park by ground lessees or tenants must be approved by Stanford Real Estate through our Design Review process before you seek approval from the City of Palo Alto.

We thrive on collaboration and recommend that you contact us early to discuss your proposed project so we can best support you. We’re happy to provide guidance on the process for approving your project.

Before you submit a Design Review application:

  • Review your lease and the SRP Handbook for design guidelines and helpful information.
  • If you're not the building owner, we'll need a letter of approval for the proposed project from your building owner/ landlord.
  • Review the City of Palo Alto zoning code and rules and requirements from all approving agencies.

Submittal Package

Send these electronic files to Stanford Real Estate

SRP Design Review Submittal Form

To be completed by all applicants:

City of Palo Alto Application

Palo Alto will accept your project application only upon receipt of this customized form for SRP projects, which Stanford Real Estate must sign on your behalf:

Plans and Materials to be Submitted with Package

In addition to the forms above, please submit an electronic PDF file containing:

  • Existing condition analysis, photographs, and relevant details
  • A well-developed set of architectural renderings/site photographs
  • A complete set of drawings/plans (half size, to scale) for schematic design, design development, and permit plan set/construction documents
  • All pertinent details for specific types of proposed alterations, whether related to building structure, exterior building appearance, site, hazardous materials use, or signage.
  • Please refer to the SRP Handbook for more details.


Please email completed forms and submittals to:

Feel free to call if you have any questions: (650) 724-7100

Our office is located at:

Stanford Real Estate
415 Broadway, 3rd Floor
Mail Code 8873
Redwood City, CA 94063

Review Process

SRE will require a thorough, complete submittal package in order to initiate the formal Design Review process.

Once the complete Design Review package has been received, the SRE team, including the University Architect, will review and provide comments or proposed revisions. This process may take 10 business days. We may request a meeting with you and your consultant team to expedite our review and improve our ability to give feedback.

If a project cannot be approved as submitted, we will send a letter with conditions required to obtain SRE’s approval.

On occasion, we approve the proposed alterations with conditions of approval.

Stanford Real Estate will confirm its consent for you to submit your proposal to the City of Palo Alto by sending you a confirmation letter and executing the City’s Planning Review Application on your behalf.


Some projects do not require the opinion of an outside architect, such as signage. Stanford Real Estate will review monument signage projects, and either approve or return comments for revisions as quickly as we can.



Information about process, guidelines, and standards covering design, operations, and use

This Handbook summarizes the basic aspects of the relationship among Stanford University, as ground lessor in the Stanford Research Park, you as our lessee, and your tenants, by addressing the typical questions that may arise in managing your asset.