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Seeing the big picture

People and businesses are drawn to Stanford Research Park to be part of something bigger, make a positive impact in our community, and leave the world a better place. This passion spurs groundbreaking technologies and major innovations day in and day out. 

We channel this same energy into our community-oriented service and investments. We see endless possibilities for improving human and environmental progress in the world. Read on to learn how we work together to make positive impacts in our community.

Impacts In Kind

How companies give back

VMware: A Force for Good

The VMware Foundation and its army of “citizen philanthropists” are the reason VMware was named one of the 2017 Best Workplaces for Giving Back by Great Place to Work and Fortune Magazines.

Jazz Pharmaceuticals: Philanthropic Scientists

In addition to developing life-saving therapies, Jazz Pharmaceuticals gives grants to humanitarian and social programs focused on education, public health, and improving patients’ lives.

SAP: The Green Business Leader

Powered with 99% renewable energy credits, SAP’s zero-waste campus has over 650 solar panels and saves 3.1 million gallons of water annually.

SRP’s Law Firms: The Community’s Counsel

Several law firms in Stanford Research Park provide legal advice and volunteer hours in our local communities, such as veterans’ assistance, advocating for climate change and sustainability, and supporting affordable housing efforts.

Vista Center for the Blind: Empowering Independence

Headquartered in Stanford Research Park, this non-profit has provided uninterrupted service since 1936 to thousands of local residents with a full range of specialized services for blind and visually impaired adults and children.

Community Benefits

Stanford Research Park boosts the local economy in many ways.

Tax Revenues Generated by SRP Since 2002

Broken Out by Recipients of Tax Revenues

Tax Revenues Generated by SRP in 2018

Broken Out by Type of Tax Revenue

Tax Revenues Generated by SRP in 2019

Broken Out by Type of Tax Revenue

Spending by SRP Employees & Visitors in Palo Alto

Approximately $292 million in direct expenditures (2016)

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Tax Revenues from Spending by SRP Employers, Employees & Visitors in Palo Alto

Approximately $5.8 million in direct retail sales taxes and transient occupancy taxes (2016)

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Spending by SRP Employers in Palo Alto

Approximately $226 million in direct expenditures (2016)

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Economic Activity in Palo Alto from SRP*

Approximately $775 million (2016)

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Economic Activity in Santa Clara County from SRP*

Approximately $2.4 billion (2016)

* Economic activity represents the value of R&D production by employers in Stanford Research Park, as well as the share of their vendor spending and employee spending that occurs in the Palo Alto economy. The estimated economic activity figures marked with an asterisk (*) above were developed by an independent analytical firm using IMPLAN (Impact Analysis for Planning), a widely respected model for assessing economic activity that is used by the City of Palo Alto.

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