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to Look Forward

Looking Forward

to Better Housing Opportunities for Working Families

Stanford Research Park is thrilled to call Palo Alto home. Its strong local schools, beautiful parks and easy access to some of the world’s most cutting-edge companies make it a one-of-a-kind place to live and work. However, because of this, it is also one of the most expensive places to live in the country.

Ever-rising housing costs mean that teachers, nurses, firefighters and first responders are being forced to leave our neighborhoods in record numbers. Stanford Research Park is doing its part to help ensure that Palo Alto can remain affordable to working families. In 2017, it opened the doors to Mayfield Place, a 100% affordable housing development in Stanford Research Park. Mayfield Place represents a small, but meaningful dent in the City’s affordable housing goals and Stanford Research Park is committed to continuing its efforts to make Palo Alto an affordable community for everyone.

For decades, Silicon Valley housing production has not kept pace with residents' needs, pushing housing costs beyond the average Silicon Valley household budget. To make Silicon Valley more affordable for working families, we need to take advantage of every local housing opportunity, like Stanford Research Park's Mayfield Place, and any future options.


Elaine Uang

Affordable Housing Architect & Advocate

Partnerships like the one with Stanford Research Park to create the 100% affordable Mayfield Place will be instrumental as we work to create more affordable housing in our community.

Liz Kniss

Liz Kniss

Former Palo Alto Mayor and City Councilmember

70 New Affordable Homes

Since 2017

$91,345,263 Contributed

to the City of Palo Alto Since 2018

1,756 Meals

to Second Harvest Food Bank in October 2022

Looking Forward

to Innovative & Sustainable Solutions to Climate Change

Located in the heart of the Silicon Valley, Stanford Research Park is on the front lines of the fight against climate change, working towards a more sustainable future for Palo Alto, the Bay Area and the world.

Whether it’s VMware developing its own microgrid to help provide power to essential services during an emergency or Rivian and Tesla leading the way on innovative designs and technologies that accelerate consumer demand for electric vehicles, our companies are using their resources for good when it comes to environmental stewardship.

As the effects of climate change — like more intense wildfires, prolonged drought or more severe and unpredictable weather events — become a reality of our every day lives, we all must be prepared. That’s why VMWare is proud to be powering a more sustainable future in Palo Alto, with a first-of-its-kind microgrid at our Stanford Research Park campus. During an emergency, VMWare’s microgrid will be able to power essential emergency response services right here in Palo Alto, so that first responders can act quickly when we need them most.


Nicola J. Acutt, Ph.D.

Vice President, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), in the Office of the CTO at VMware

Stanford Research Park’s robust commuter transportation program reduces thousands of vehicle trips per day by encouraging and supporting the use of public transit, carpooling, and my personal favorite – bicycling!

Shiloh Ballard 3

Shiloh Ballard

President and Executive Director, Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition

3,000 cars taken off the road

by the SRPGO commuter transportation program, every single workday

18,666 solar panels

within the Research Park collecting renewable energy

9 Research Park companies

received the Palo Alto Mayor’s Green Business Leader Award in 2019

Looking Forward

to Even Brighter Futures for Local Students

Stanford’s legacy as one of the world’s top institutions of higher learning is well known, yet you may not know that Stanford Research Park and our member companies take an active role in supporting education at all levels here in Palo Alto and throughout Silicon Valley. In the last five years alone, Stanford Research Park has contributed $121,648,717 to Palo Alto Unified School District, donated 351 backpacks filled with essential school supplies to children in need and offered students innovative internships and unique work opportunities with our member companies.

Successful careers are often made or broken in the first 10 years of life. Stanford Research Park is leading the way to ensure that local teachers and schools have the resources and support they need to help build the next generation of local leaders.

The taxes generated by Stanford Research Park companies support a brighter future for local students. The Research Park contributes $24 million to our local schools every year — the equivalent of 144 full-time teaching positions.


Arne Lim

Retired Palo Alto Unified School District Teacher

Thanks to HP Labs, I am living out my dream career in electronics design and embedded systems. My first internship at HP came as a liberation for all my ideas and thoughts to materialize. My ideas were able to flourish and I felt valued for my work and knowledge. Now as a full-time employee, I feel like my future couldn’t be brighter.


Sanil Jhaveri

3D Print Research Engineer, HP

351 Backpacks

Filled with Essential Supplies Donated to Students in Need

144 Full-Time Teachers

Equivalent positions funded in Palo Alto Unified School District

$121,648,717 Contributed

to Palo Alto Unified School District Since 2018

Hundreds of Internships

Provided in 2022

Looking Forward

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