Mike's Bikes at 

The Hub

Mike's Bikes operates a full-service bike repair shop inside The Hub at Stanford Research Park to support 1,000+ cyclists riding to and from SRP each day!

Address: 3215 Porter Drive, Palo Alto
Hours: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Monday – Friday (except holidays)

Free Basic Tune Ups by Appointment. A limited number of free basic bike tune ups are available for those who work in Stanford Research Park. A Mike’s Bikes mechanic will inspect the bicycle; adjust brakes and gears; fix any flats; plus clean and oil the chain—all while you wait at The Hub, where you can enjoy Wi-Fi and the Coupa Cafe. This service is exclusively available to those who work at employer sites in Stanford Research Park.
Check availability and BOOK AN APPOINTMENT with your work email address (required). Appointment slots are limited. Limit 1 repair per person within a six-month period. Adult bicycles only, please.

Free flat fixes anytime. If you work in Stanford Research Park and have a flat tire, you can bring your bike into Mike’s Bikes at The Hub during business hours for a free fix. (Business hours listed above.)

Bike repairs. Mike’s Bikes is a full-service shop. So whatever your bike needs, they’ll be able to help!

$10 helmet promotion. If you work in Stanford Research Park, you can purchase a helmet from Mike's Bikes at The Hub for just $10. Limit 1 per person, choose from supply available. Complimentary helmet fitting is available.  

SRP Bike Fleet. The staff at Mike's Bikes can also help you check-out an e-bike for day use from the SRP Bike Fleet (available only for those who work at an employer site located in SRP).

-Tubes, tires and inflation supplies
-Commuter-oriented accessories
You can also purchase online from and pick up in-store at Mike's Bikes at The Hub, 3215 Porter Drive.

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If you work in Stanford Research Park and have any general questions about biking or Mike's Bikes at The Hub, please contact our bike specialist team at