Your fun fitness commute


“You can come into work with a cup of coffee and that will brighten you up for a half an hour, but with biking, I find that the whole morning up until lunch I feel invigorated.”



Updated: April 27, 2022

Stanford Research Park offers resources, services, and programming to encourage and support commuting by bicycle.

At the Mike's Bikes shop at The Hub, those who work in Stanford Research Park can receive the following services:
--Free bike tire flat fixes
--Free bike "mini" tune ups

In May 2022, we're excited to be re-launching programming for Bike Month (May) and Bike to Work Day (May 20).

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You can also contact us anytime at or complete the form below and we will follow up promptly.

Additionally, we offer programming and services year-round to support bicycle commuters, including:

--The SRPGO Bicycle Champions group - experienced and enthusiastic bike commuters. This peer group connects regularly and helps support other cyclists and those interested in starting to bike commute.
--Women on Wheels group - those who identify as women bike commuters. This peer group supports women cyclists and connects regularly.
--Earn rewards for your bike commutes! Just register or sign in at, start logging your bike commute trips, and you'll earn points toward gift cards or charitable donations (your choice!)
--The SRPGO Guaranteed Ride Home program is also available to cyclists with an assigned office in Stanford Research Park. This program provdes a reimbursed ride via Uber or Lyft in the event you have biked to work and need an immediate ride due to emergency, unexpected overtime, or other unforeseen workday or commuting event that prevents you from riding your bike.
--If you're interested in bicycling, but not sure how to get started, please check out our excellent Bicycle to Work Toolkit for pro tips.
Our team can also help with personalized route planning, bike gear recommendations, info on SRPGO bike programming (mentioned above), and any other assistance you may need. Just complete the Bicycle Concierge request below or email us at: