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SRPgo Carpool Matching

If your work schedule is relatively predictable and you’d like to carpool with the same people a couple days each week or more, register at to see who lives near you and would like to carpool. Then contact your future carpool partners to work out the details, such as when and where to meet and who will drive on which days.   

Regardless of which carpool option works best for you, be sure to track the days you carpool on the dashboard by the end of each month to be eligible for monthly prize drawings. Carpoolers are also eligible for a Guaranteed Ride and free Zipcar registration.

Send any questions to


“I think the flexibility is what’s so great about carpooling. The other benefit that I’ve found is that I get to talk to people in my car and I’ve gotten to know a couple of people, which has been very eye-opening and interesting.”



Scoop Flexible Carpool App

Join the more than 3500 Stanford Research Park employees who have registered with Scoop’s automated and flexible carpooling app. Download now on Android or iOS.

You can carpool as often or as little as you like. You can drive or ride and morning and evening trips are booked separately for maximum flexibility.

Stanford provides a $2-5 discount on rides to and from Stanford Research Park. View the app for rider fares and driver reimbursements for your specific commute. In addition, new Scoop registrants receive a one-time $5 bonus with promo code SRP2017.


“SRP actually subsidizes using Scoop, so I get $5-$7 for every person that rides in my car. It’s extra money that I can use for fun stuff because I wouldn’t have that money anyways. That’s my fun fund!”