Find a carpool partner

Online carpool matches at can connect you with others interested in carpooling to and from work sites in Stanford Research Park. At select "Register" or "Login Here" (top right). Once logged in, just enter your home and work addresses to set your daily commute. You'll be provided "Carpool Options" for carpooling either as a driver or a passenger/rider (your choice!). Click on the carpooler's name and "Connect" by secure message to start the conversation about carpooling together.

You also have the ability to customize your carpool matches. For instance, once registered and logged in from, you can edit your carpool commute so that you only match with your co-workers if you'd like.

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Scoop: flexible carpool-matching app

Scoop is another option for finding carpool matches - allowing you to find flexible carpool arrangements with the Scoop app.

Scoop has re-launch in Stanford Research Park as of January 1, 2022. If you're interested in using the Scoop app for carpool matching to commute to and from Stanford Research Park, please complete and submit the form below. Important note: on the form below, enter the name of the company you work for (e.g., if you're an employee of VMware, type VMware for the Company Name field) and enter your work email address. If this information is not provided, your Scoop account may not be activated.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Rewards and support for carpoolers

No matter how you find your carpool partner(s), you can earn rewards when you participate in SRPGO Commuter Rewards! At either click "register" or "login here" (top right). Just log the days you carpool and you'll earn points for gift cards or charitable donations - your choice!

Carpoolers are also eligible for the SRPGO Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) program, which can provide you a 100% reimbursed ride in the event of an unexpected workday occurrence. Read more and register for the GRH program now so you can use it should you ever need it.

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“I think the flexibility is what’s so great about carpooling. The other benefit that I’ve found is that I get to talk to people in my car and I’ve gotten to know a couple of people, which has been very eye-opening and interesting.”