Find a commuting ally carpool matches online

SRPGO offers carpool matches when you "Register" (top right) and login at Once logged in, just enter your home and work addresses to set your daily commute. You'll be provided "Carpool Options" for carpooling either as a driver or a passenger (your choice!). Click on the carpooler's name and "Connect" by secure message. You also have the ability to customize your carpool matches. For instance, once registered and logged in from, you can edit your carpool commute so that you only match with your co-workers if you'd like.

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“I think the flexibility is what’s so great about carpooling. The other benefit that I’ve found is that I get to talk to people in my car and I’ve gotten to know a couple of people, which has been very eye-opening and interesting.”



Scoop and Waze Carpool: flexible carpooling apps

Updated June 2020
SRPGO provides a carpool passenger who uses the Waze Carpool app or the Scoop app to commute to/from their SRP work site, a subsidized (discounted) rider rate. Meanwhile, the carpool driver receives the full carpool fare. For the Waze Carpool app subsidized rider rate, register here. For the Scoop app subsidy download the app here.

Whichever carpool option works best for you, be sure to "register" (top right) at, create your Rewards account, and track the days you carpool to earn points for prize rewards.

Carpoolers are also eligible for the Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) program, which can provide you a free ride in the event of an unexpected workday occurrence. Read more and register for the GRH program now so you can use it should you ever need it.

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“SRP actually subsidizes using Scoop, so I get $5-$7 for every person that rides in my car. It’s extra money that I can use for fun stuff because I wouldn’t have that money anyways. That’s my fun fund!”