Trip Planning

Find your best commute option to Stanford Research Park

If you're working on-site in Stanford Research Park, we invite you to find your best commute mode by using the handy trip planner at: You’ll see potential carpool and public transit options, as well as bicycle routes specific to your commute. Just enter your home and work site addresses in the top 2 fields and you'll receive instant results.

If you'd like 1:1 assistances, we're happy to help! Just drop us a message at or request your personalized Trip Plan below:


"I take public transportation because it’s a breeze commute. You don’t have to worry about driving to work and dealing with being stuck in traffic or paying for tolls. Plus it’s more environmentally friendly. It’s also about peace of mind—I catch up on my Podcasts, or if there’s work to do, I can do that on the bus as well. It’s free, you can take a nap, and it’s just such a convenient factor for me."


Commutes by Public Transit