Guaranteed Ride Home

We’ve got you covered

Your ride is guaranteed!

Do you work in Stanford Research Park and use a sustainable commute option such as transit, carpool, vanpool, or bicycle? If so, you may be eligible for a reimbursed ride through the SRPGO Guaranteed Ride Home program.

Free or reimbursed rides are provided to those who've not driven to work and face a personal emergency during work hours and performing work, or to transit riders experiencing a significant delay due to service disruption to or from work. Have a bicycle break-down on your work commute? Using your Uber app, contact the driver (via anonymous call feature) to see if they have room for your bike on-board. We'll reimburse these pick-ups too.

Guaranteed Ride Home program use is limited to a maximum of $100 per ride and 3 rides per calendar year. You can choose to take a taxi, or use your Uber or Lyft account. For reimbursement, send your receipt along with an explanation of why you need to take the ride to

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