Bike to
Work Toolkit

Whether you’ve commuted by bicycle in the past, only biked for recreation, or are a first-timer, this toolkit details steps to get bike commuter ready!

Bike to Work: A Toolkit for Employees in SRP

Biking is a great way to exercise and we think it's a great commute mode to consider.

Whether you’ve commuted by bike in the past, only biked for recreation, or are a first-time bicyclist, this toolkit details the steps to get bike commuter ready!

Benefits of Bicycling

  • Excellent, comprehensive way of exercising
  • A fun way to explore, whether on a nature trail or around your neighborhood
  • A way to be "one less car on the road" - reducing traffic congestion (and for some: tailpipe pollutants)
  • A strategy to keep your kids active and engaged (for extensive info, check out this Family Biking Guide from the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition)

And while cycling is feasible year-round in the Bay Area, spring and summer are especially pleasant, with lots of dry, sunny days. Just don’t forget the sunscreen and water. :-)

How to Be a Successful Bike Commuter

An old proverb says “the thousand-mile journey begins with the first step.” It can be daunting to think about getting on a bike. Maybe your bike is out of service, or you aren’t familiar with the right equipment. The following offers a wealth of resources to help take that first step – or pedal – and how to build up to comfortably and confidently biking to work.

Get "Bike Ride Ready"

Flat tire? Rusty chain? Poorly fitting helmet? Need the right bike? Check out these videos and other resources to help get your bike ready for the road:

Picking the Right Bike:
Getting Your Bike Ready to Ride
Using the Proper Gear

Go For A Ride

Once you have your bike and gear ready, it’s time to hit the road! The following offers best practices and guides for choosing the best route.

Biking Fundamentals

Choosing Your Route:

Important Tips:

Begin On the Easiest, Safest Route

Start with something easy and familiar, like a ride around your block, and build-up from there.

Practice Your Commute

It's a great idea to practice riding your work commute on a weekend or day off. Friendly reminders: 
-plan out your route first
-follow all traffic laws and proper bicycle maneuvers outlined above in the “Biking Fundamentals” links 

Behavior Change Doesn’t Happen Overnight

Research shows that it takes an average of two months to successfully change behavior. Start now, start small, and work your way up. Most importantly: keep it up!


Need more tips and/or nudges to get in the bike saddle? Check out the following resources ranging from expert advice to fun bike-centric activities:

Advice from Experts

Helpful webinars and interactive virtual sessions abound - and are well worth it. Many of these sessions are local to the Bay Area, and are even hosted by your fellow SRP colleagues.

  • San Francisco Bicycle Coalition Virtual Events:

Challenges, Tracking and Other Fun Activities

The Stanford Research Park Bike Program

Find out how Stanford Research Park helps current and aspiring bicycle commuters with the SRP Program Explainer; and be sure to contact your SRP Bike Concierge with any questions at: 

Stanford Research Park Bike Commuter Profiles

Get inspired by your fellow SRP riders: